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2019-2021 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT ECU Flash

2019-2021 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT ECU Flash

2019-2021 Tracer 900 and GT ECU Flash  



We recommend upgrading to special delivery on checkout for ECU flashes  



ECU flashing is not only more cost-effective than its alternatives but it is superior because but it also allows for more precise tuning fuel maps which automatically compensate for changing atmospheric conditions and it allows for modification of parameters that are not otherwise tunable such a throttle valve actuation. 

Our Standard Flashes are preset flashes that cannot be altered, if you would like something specific done to your ecu you will just need to request this by writing a note with whats required.  


One of the key areas we rework is the jerky throttle action these bikes are known for - once flashed this bike is much smoother. Top speed limit is also removed as part of the ECU Flash.  

Please note AIS cannot be disabled on this model and therefore if you wish to disable AIS and stop deceleration popping you need to install block off plates 



With ECU flashing technology you no longer need to buy and fit a Dynojet Power Commander, Bazzaz ZFI, secondary fuel module, ignition module etc  

Simply after purchase, disconnect your ECU and post to us. The same day we receive your ECU we will flash it removing all throttle restrictions and setting your desired engine braking and fuel map dependent on the exhaust/filter you have fitted and ship it back to you the same business day. 


Power Commander and other Secondary Fuel modules cannot remove the restrictions that we do, this will make your bike as close to a YEC Race ECU as you can get, at a much cheaper price and without the need for a YEC race wiring loom. 


If you have a PCV, PCIII etc fitted already, send us the map along with your ECU and we will flash the map onto the ECU for you at the same time as the de-restriction, allowing you to remove the Power Commander unit and sell it on. 

If you need further modification making after your ECU has been flashed and returned, all that's required is you return your ECU and cover the postage and we make the changes FREE of Charge.  


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