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Disabling the exup valve:

The exup valve is a butterfly valve that is in the exhaust.  Yamaha markets them as a midrange power enhancer.  This is no longer true.  When the exup valve was first used on the FZR1000 and on the early R1's it was true.  Since 2004 with the R1, since its introduction on the R6 in 2006, and since the 2006 FZ1 it actually hurts low and bottom end power.  It is strictly a way to get the bikes through noise emissions. With the exup valve disabled you can remove it from the bike and it will not show an error code. 

Fan temps adjustment: 

On most bikes, Yamaha waits till around 105 Degrees Celsius to turn the fans on.  I recommend for the R1, R6, and MT09 to turn them on at 99 and off at 95.  At these temperature settings the fans should never come on when you are moving but will come on shortly after comng to a stop.  Not only does this make the bike more comfortable to ride it also keeps your motor cooler which should help enhance reliability.


Disabling the o2 sensor:

When the o2 sensor is active(small throttle openings and lower rpm's) the fuel injection uses the signal it sends out to keep the air/fuel ration in a narrow band.  Usually around 14.5 to one.  On some bikes like the MT09 this causes a bump in the throttle and surging as the bike switches back and forth between closed loop( o2 sensor active) and open loop(o2 sensor inactive).  Disabling the o2 sensor allows me to control the fueling through all throttle positions across all rpm's and makes for a much smoother throttle.

Speedo correction: 

Most motorcycles have a 3-5% factory error built into them. Change sprockets and this error can becomes larger. 

This will also add more miles on the speedo than you have actually ridden. 

You can tell me the sprockets you have on your bike and I will correct the speedometer back to factory error.

*This only applies to Non ABS Bikes. ABS modeled bikes use these sensors for the speedo and cannot be corrected*


Disabling the AIS valve: 

The AIS valve injects clean air from the air box into the exhaust port.  This is purely to clean up emissions and does not effect performance in any way.  Disabling the AIS accomplishes two things.  

It reduces popping on deceleration after installing an aftermarket exhaust and allows the exhaust to be analyzed for tuning reasons. A flash can not change over time so any time you have a change down the road it is not in the flash it is something on the bike changed.  Most likely a leak at the AIS system or at the exhaust if it starts popping.  Lastly crackles and small pops on deceleration  are normal after installing an aftermarket exhaust. 

Disabling Injector Decel cut:   

With the injector decel cut active when you close the throttle the injectors shut completely off. Rolling the throttle back on results in a delay and then a bump as the injectors turn back on. 

Disabling it smooths out on/off throttle response at slow speeds.

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