KTM 300 TPI ECU Flash 2018-2022

KTM 300 TPI ECU Flash 2018-2022

This flash product works with all TPI bikes under the KTM family.



KTM EXC 300 TPI 2018+ (must be TPI 2 stroke)

Husqvarana  300i TPI 2019+ 
GasGas EC/EX 300 TPI 2021+


100% software-based flash; we do not physically alter the ECU in any way.
Much better engine characteristics from idle to 1/2 throttle. 
Smoother power delivery.
More torque at low/mid RPM.
More HP at high RPM.
Less pipe bang on deceleration.
Safer air-fuel ratios (not lean).
Additional oil injection (more oil = happier pistons/jugs/bottom end)

We alter both maps on the bike which can be selected via the bar mount (or plug if you did not install the bar mount).  The configuration remains the same (one is less aggressive, one is more aggressive)

The stock ECU will still connect to your dealer diagnostics. In fact, we do not believe the dealer will even be able to see any changes have been made.

We suggest you set the power valve ***slightly in from flush with the case***.

Though you are welcome to play with this, just a touch in from flush has yielded the performance we like during testing.

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