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2010-2021 Yamaha XT1200 Ecu Flash

2010-2021 Yamaha XT1200 Ecu Flash

2010-2021 Yamaha XT1200 ECU Flash 


We recommend upgrading to special delivery on checkout for ECU flashes


The best modification you can make to the XT1200, ecu flashing unleashes the full potential of the bike!


• Send your ECU to us in the post

• If you have a fuel controller installed, such as Power Commnder, Bazzaz ZFI, Juicebox etc we can also import that fuel map onto your ecu (you will need to send the file) - then your fuel control is not needed so you can sell it on.


ECU Flashed Features:

Remove all throttle based restrictions

Fully revised Power Modes

Remove all speed and gear based restrictions

Optimize ignition timing for uk fuel

Fully customized fuel mapping

Customized race throttle maps for Power Mode 1-3 (4 left stock for bad conditions)

Customized engine braking strategies

Adjustable radiator fan temps for more efficient cooling - stock allows the bike to run too hot

Adjustable rev limiter

Disable closed loop mode

Adjustable velocity stack opening point

Disabling the factory AIS (smog) system

Disabled EXUP & error recall

Disabled fuel injector cut

Disabled steering damper (removes code for aftermarket units)




If you need further modification making after your ECU has been flashed and returned, all that's required is you return your ECU and cover the postage.  The changes will be done FREE of Charge. 

You may get an engine light on the euro4 bikes (2017 onwards) once the ECU is reconnected. This isn't anything to be worried about and can be simply reset, once done you won't encounter any further issues. 


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