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2009-2014 Yamaha R1 14B 14BE ECU Flash

2009-2014 Yamaha R1 14B 14BE ECU Flash

2009 - 2014 Yamaha R1 ECU Flash 


We recommend upgrading to special delivery on checkout for ECU flashes


We offer two stages of ECU Flashing and work for you, to get the results you want. 

A Lot of tuners give you a set of files, usually generic that may not necessarily suit your riding environment or style. 


  • Send your ECU to us in the post
  • Enclose a note stating if the cat been removed, type of exhaust fitted, any modifications. - this will help us choose the best settings for your application and state if you want any of the extra's doing
  • We can perform speedo modification which will rectify when sprockets are changed from the stock setup - Please state your gearing if you want this modification 
  • ECU Based Quickshifter - By default we enable this, doing so means you can add a Quickshifter at any time and you do not need to return the ECU to us for further modification - i will enclose installation instructions if you want to go ahead with fitting of a Quickshifter. Quickshifter sensor hardware available, £199.99 inc vat
  • If you have a fuel controller installed, such as Power Commnder, Bazzaz ZFI, Juicebox etc we can also import that fuel map onto your ecu (you will need to send the file) - then your  fuel control is not needed so you can sell it on.
  • Default the bike to start in A-mode vs. STD  - Yes/No 
  • Increase Rev limiter - Yes/No 
  • Disable o2 Sensor - Yes/No
  • Immobilisers can also be removed with switched ignitions e.g. on Race/Track Bikes 



If you need further modification making after your ECU has been flashed and returned, all thats required is you return your ECU and cover the postage and we make the changes FREE of Charge. 

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